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2015 WCTV Clapper Awards

WCTV Clapper Award 2015 for Best Documentary -- "AC - A Historical Account of Alexander Campbell" and 200th Program Milestone Award for "Light From Above" plus other programs.
2015 WCTV Clapper Award Winners.  Photo by Tom Stugmyer
Official Release of Clapper Award for Best Documentary
The documentary “AC – A Historical Account of Alexander Campbell” took first place being awarded WCTV’s Clapper Award for Best Documentary on November 19, 2015.  Independent judging scored the documentary with high marks:  21/25, 23/25,  another 23/25, and even one perfect score of 25/25.  Comments by the judges included:  "Interesting" and "Fascinating video".
Johanna Perrino presenting David R. Kenney with the 2015 WCTV Clapper Award for Best Documentary - "AC - A Historical Account of Alexander Campbell"
I would like to thank Historic Bethany, Gospel Broadcasting Network, WCTV, Emanuel & Judy Daugherty, Mark & Michele Teske, the church of Christ in Wadsworth, and many others who have supported my efforts including promoting and voting for the program. The film crew from GBN:  Adam Vaughn, Jameson Steward and Michael Brown were excellent and a pleasure to work with.  I would like to call special attention to the filming and video editing done by Adam Vaughn at GBN. Adam Vaughn's work was excellent. Also, appreciation is expressed to John Madding at WCTV whose expertise assisted me with voice over commentary that was mixed with b-roll footage by Adam Vaughn to bring additional details about the life and times of the Sage of Bethany. Also, Diana Nelson was able to assist me in creating maps for the program to provide some geographical context.  Appreciation is also expressed to Gregory Alan Tidwell and the Gospel Advocate for promoting the documentary.  The Christian Chronicle was also promoting the program for which I am thankful.  Gospel Broadcasting Network aired the program and also did an encore presentation.  Appreciation is expressed to Don Blackwell for preparing a promotional piece to support the documentary on GBN.  In mutual support for the documentary, I was invited to call into GBNLive which is conducted aptly by Mike Hixson to discuss "Are Christians Campbellites?"  I invite you to watch this program (and other GBNLive programs) at this link.  Exponential appreciation is expressed to my wife Annette, James, Deborah, and my parents too. Dad was very excited about this project. He passed away prior to its release; however, he was able to see much of the documentary by reviewing many of the scenes we filmed after three days of filming. If it were not for my parents instilling a love of church restoration history and Alexander Campbell, I would not have been able to do this project.

David R. Kenney, Roger Polk and Peggy Pogan

Official Release of Winner of 200th Milestone Award
I was also awarded a 200th Program Milestone Award since the shows I have made in addition to “Light From Above” placed me over the 200 program mark.

If you would like to see the documentary, you can find it on GBN's YouTube Channel. Click on the following link.

These awards are special to me, but this also raises awareness of the local congregation here in Wadsworth.  Each year of the WCTV Clapper Awards there is a write-up in the local paper, The Wadsworth Post.  Here is this year's write-up in the paper, link.

In addition to the coverage by The Wadsworth Post, the event was photographed and reported by the Medina County Life.  You can read their coverage of the event at link.

My appreciation is expressed to all who have supported and encouraged me in these efforts.  Also, thanks to WCTV for making the night so special to me and to others.

If you would like to watch an abbreviated video of the WCTV Clapper Awards, someone was nice enough to make me an edited version for YouTube which I have linked to at link.

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