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Bible Readings & Hymns by David R. Kenney

by David R. Kenney

Beginning January 2, 2017, there will be new programming available in both audio and video format.  The name of the program is “Bible Readings & Hymns” with David R. Kenney reading the New Testament in the King James Version.  The program is designed to encourage everyone to read the entire New Testament in a year’s time by watching or listening less than 10 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  If someone cannot follow the daily format, then they could watch all five episodes at one time too.  The New Testament can be read through in a year's time by reading 5 chapters each week, and this program is designed to assist those in accomplishing that worthwhile goal.
Some may view reading plans as old fashioned.  Reading Plans are certainly not a recent invention.  There were reading plans to read the first five books of the Old Testament (Pentateuch or Torah) prior to Jesus' coming.  In fact, these first five books were marked for weekly reading sections going back to the Babylonian Captivity in the 6th century BC.  So, reading plans have been around for a long time which testifies to the effectiveness of such a plan. 
David R. Kenney reading the New Testament
at WCTV Studio in Wadsworth, Ohio
Before I went into full time ministry, I had a few people comment on how much they appreciated the quality of my voice.  Some of these were strangers, and some were Bible Class teachers who wanted me to read passages into a tape recorder.  This was quite a surprise to me having to go through speech therapy in grade school.  Churches of Christ have rightfully pled for people to read their Bibles.  We believe there is power in God’s Word; cf. Hebrews 4:12.  Much of the religious confusion could be eliminated if people truly read their Bibles with discernment; 2 Timothy 2:15-16.  Biblical illiteracy is rampant.  People have no problem telling you what they think the Bible says, but they sometimes reveal their Biblical illiteracy in the discussion.  All of us could use continuous improvement in this area.    
My mother, Kay E. Kenney, with her
Mother's Day corsage.  She is one brave lady!
he motivation for the program goes to my mother.  She has battled MS for several years. She has been in and out of wheelchairs, and even close to blindness at one point.  I wanted her to be able to listen to the Bible read in a voice she recognized in case the day came when her eyes failed.  I have a special compassion for those who are unable to see or hear whether from birth, illness, or due to advanced years.  So, to have audio and video readings of the New Testament available for those unable to see or hear really appealed to me.  It truly was a labor of love for those who want to know more about the Bible, but their senses have limited their ability to do so.
My mother's KJV Bible.  My father served the Lord as a preacher of the
gospel for  over 45 years, and my mother served by his side for nearly
50 years until his departure, January 8, 2015.
My mother has always respected the King James Version (KJV).  Even literary critics, the reputable ones, acknowledge the literary quality, elegance, and beauty of the King James Version.  Some think the vocabulary is too difficult in today’s society, but do not try to tell that to my mother!  I caution people before criticizing the KJV as “too hard” that the reading level has been estimated to be the 12th grade.  So, the vocabulary ought not to be out of our reach!  The history of the King James Version is fascinating, being over 400 years old; although there have been revisions since 1611.  Besides the KJV being in the public domain, the primary reason is a tribute to my mother who refused to allow her children to let this marvelous translation slide away from their intellectual grasp!  She is not a “King James Only” advocate as she has no objections to reputable modern translations.  My wife has wisely pursued this same tradition with our children too.
This is not an easy project, and I certainly could not have done this alone!  My first assistance was from John Madding at WCTV who favored the idea of “Bible Readings & Hymns” produced and aired on WCTV.  John Madding patiently recorded all my text readings.  The hymns were another copyright challenge, but Andy Robison, Director of the West Virginia School of Preaching, graciously granted me permission to use hymns he composed and recorded.  The video was a special challenge.  Iris Griffin (now Iris Petty) at Gospel Broadcasting Network has done an excellent job of supplementing the show with attractive video during the singing, plus she incorporated the text scroll so people could visually follow along with the reading too.  Gospel Broadcasting Network is making plans to air the video, plus they support GBN radio stations overseen by Aaron Cozort who will be broadcasting the audio programming.  This really is a team effort!  I am thankful to Don Blackwell and Mark Teske at Gospel Broadcasting Network for their support of this project.  By the time this is completed, we will have the New Testament on both audio and video for broadcast, Internet, and available on various devices.
Bible Readings & Hymns will air both locally on WCTV and nationally on the Gospel Broadcasting Network.  (These times are subject to change, so check listings.)
WCTV, Wadsworth, Ohio, Channel 15:  Daily Format: Mon, Wed, Thu at 4:00pm; Tue & Fri at 4:30pm (EST)
Weekly Format: Sat at 9:00am & Sun at 1:30pm (EST)
WCTV is available on Roku and programs will available on their portal

Gospel Broadcasting Network TV:
GBN TV Daily Format: Mon – Fri at 7:30am (EST)
GBN TV Weekly Format: Sun at 7:00am (EST)
GBN is also available on Roku, YouTube
Channel, and is streamed line on their website.

Gospel Broadcasting Network Radio:
GBN Radio Daily Format: Mon – Fri at 7:00am (All Time Zones)
GBN Radio is also available online at their

There is also a Facebook Page for Bible Readings & Hymns here.


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