Friday, October 2, 2015

12 Compelling Truths -- Why Biblical Faith is Completely Reasonable by Dewayne Bryant

That Christianity is under assault in our society is no secret to even the casual observer today.  The assault I speak of is not with carnal weapons, but intellectual and philosophical attacks.  Our young people are being told through mass media that believing in Jesus Christ or being a follower of Jesus the Christ; i.e., a Christian, is not only irrational but also anti-intellectual.  The parade of those who willingly trumpet such a mantra is steady and loud; however, steady and loud does not always equate to sound and balanced!  In 12 Compelling Truths – Why Biblical Faith is Completely Reasonable, Dewayne Bryant takes us on an expedition of apologetic defenses in response to 12 points of attack against Christianity.  These points are:  (1) truth can be known, (2) the universe had a creator, (3) God does exist, (4) the Biblical record is historically accurate, (5) archaeology provides collaborative testimony to Bible’s reliability, (6) Jesus of Nazareth really lived, (7) Jesus was raised from the dead, (8) evil, pain and suffering do not disprove God’s existence, (9) the Bible is inspired, (10) Christianity is unique from other religions, (11) early writers of the New Testament were not plagiarists, and (12) God truly loves sinners.  There is also an insightful appendix which challenges the modern atheistic movement as not so modern.  This is an important point that we need to continually be aware of—these truths need a steady and effective defense because evil does not sleep.  Evil is constantly preying upon our children and grandchildren.  If our young people are not taught a proper, rational, logical, and reasonable defense by the home or at church, then where will they be taught these truths?

This book is an excellent modern day apologetic defense that would be well worth our young people’s study, both young in body and at heart too.  There is a study guide provided to help stimulate thought and discussion which makes the book very adaptable to class room study.  Dewayne Bryant is a recognized archaeologist, professor and preacher.  He has been published in the Gospel Advocate, Reason and Revelation, Bible and Spade and other periodicals.  One must be very careful about the types of literature one reads, and we all must be critical thinkers.  For example, I have seen members of the church read archaeological magazines by those who rejected the inspiration of the Scriptures.  There are those who claim to be biblical archaeologists; however, sometimes this statement is made from a historical standpoint rather than a theological one.  In other words, there are some who use the Bible as a historical reference but reject the Bible as the inspired word of God.  One must be careful about the theological viewpoint of such journals.  Dewayne Bryant is currently Professor of Bible and Biblical Languages at the Southwest School of Bible Studies, and he is an adjunct professor of Bible and Biblical Archaeology at Amridge University.  I was delighted to hear Dewayne Bryant give a series of lectures on Biblical Archaeology at Polishing the Pulpit.  He is also the son-in-law of Phil Sanders, Speaker on “In Search of the Lord’s Way”.   I have had a few personal interactions with Dewayne Bryant, and I look forward to more writing from him to come.  Read his book and see if you do not want your children and grandchildren to do the same.

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