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Creation Compromises, Bert Thompson

Creation Compromises, Bert Thompson

Sometimes compromise between two parties is viewed as a method to reach a better condition. However, compromise is not always necessary or beneficial. This book deals with the compromises many have made between evolution and creationism which some call theistic evolution. One of my favorite quotes on the authenticity of the six 24-hour days of creation is by none other than Alexander Campbell:

We are aware that some writers of modern, as well as of ancient time, think the Mosaic account of creation should be discarded as erroneous, because the various strata of earth, according to Geology, evince a higher antiquity than five or six thousand years... We place the inspired record, as given by Moses, under a divine commission, against all the theories founded by nature or science, as interpreted by man, and we believe the Mosaic account will grow brighter and brighter, as the geological theory fades and recedes into comparative oblivion.

This book exposes the false compromises of the creation account including, sadly, those advocated among us. Brother Thompson explains several false theories and the faults of them including: Double Revelation Theory, Day-Age Theory, Gap Theory, Progressive Creationism, Modified Gap Theory, Non-World View, Multiple Gap Theory, and the Framework Hypothesis. The author carefully explains how accepting one of these compromises is undermining the word of God.
There is no reason to deny the days of creation to be six 24-hour days. When interviewing preachers I ask if they believe the days of creation to be twenty-four hour days or many years. Any response other than twenty-four hour days reveals either a compromise made or ignorance on the subject. If your faith in creationism is weak and you want it strengthened, then all you have to do is study the ample supply of evidence supporting creation. Many will not heed to creationism because they realize, if it is true; they are accountable to God. Some reject the account of creation because they do not respect the integrity of scripture as much as scientists who assert they “know” more than a preacher. Bert Thompson has a Ph.D. in microbiology from Texas A & M University and has taught in the College of Veterinary Medicine at A & M University. For someone to go through the attempts of indoctrination and peer pressure of his colleagues and professors in science and come forth a defender of the faith is a tremendous example and encouragement to us.

[1]As quoted by Wayne Jackson, “The Age of the Earth”, The Spiritual Sword, Memphis, TN: Getwell Church of Christ, Vol. 26, No. 3, April 1995, p. 15.

Originally printed in West Virginia Christian, Vol. 7, No. 8, August 2000, p. 3. Reprinted by permission.

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