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The Mythology of Modern Geology, Wayne Jackson

The Mythology of Modern Geology, Wayne Jackson

What an excellent title for such an important topic! Indeed the Evolutionary Uniformitarianism dogma is just that—a myth! One finds it ironic that evolutionists slander Christians with charge that our faith is based on a book of myths when a clearer example of evolutionary myths would be hard to find.

This booklet contains important information; which is devastating to one of the main pieces of “evidence” for an ancient earth. Uniformitarianism argues the layers of the earth have been laid over great spans of time. As brother Jackson points out the number of years it took to complete this layering depend on how much time the evolutionists need for their theory. A point that Wayne Jackson makes that should not be overlooked is that the amount of time estimated for the creation of these layers and the age of the earth tends to double roughly every 20 years for the last century! Jackson cites various estimates ranging from 4.3 billion years to 70 billions years, to a trillion years, and another estimate where probably all evolutionists will end up—“infinitely old”.

The book points out several impasses for evolutionary uniformitarianism—missing layers, shuffled layers, layers “millions of years” old on top of layers much younger with several layers between the two, fossils in the wrong layers, and one of the more damaging pieces of evidence—polystrate fossils (fossils that intersect multiple layers of strata). How does one explain a fossilized tree trunk that bisects multiple layers of strata when the layers are millions (or billions) of years old? Of course evolutionists have a response, but is their response convincing? Some evolutionists point to excavations that have polystrate fossils in layers that have been recently been laid in place. A follow-up question—if a person can find a polystrate tree fossil in multiple layers that have recently been laid down, then how does one differentiate some layers as “recent” and other layers as “millions of years” old when they are of similar depths? Plus, keep in mind that if all the strata layers were intact “uniformally”; i.e., no missing layers, the depth would be 130 miles deep. However the actual depth of the layers of Earth strata is 25-30 miles. How can layers claimed to be laid down over “millions of years” when trying to date the earth as “infinitely old” on one hand can then be claimed to be laid down in “few years” in an attempt to explain away the polystrate fossil argument but keep the earth strata layer still around 30 miles deep?

Of course, the evolutionists are going to continue their assaults against Christianity and the Bible. Wayne Jackson quotes Alexander Campbell whose statement in 1859 illustrates that attacks against the Genesis account of a young earth being created in six 24-hour days have been going on for some time. It illustrates that evolutionists have been trying to prove their case for nearly 150 years yet many scientist continue to not believe the evolutionary propaganda. Guess the evolutionists need more time, again! The full statement by Alexander Campbell reads:

We are aware that some writers of modern, as well as of ancient, time, think the Mosaic account of creation should be discarded as erroneous, because the various strata of earth, according to Geology, evince a higher antiquity than five or six thousand years. The geological theory differs in some respects, from the record given by Moses. Nevertheless, we affirm his statement to be true, and shall stand or fall by it; because it does not conflict with the scope and meaning of the six days labor, as we understand them. We place the inspired record, as given by Moses, under a divine commission, against all the theories founded upon nature or science, as interpreted by man; and we believe the Mosaic account will grow brighter and brighter, as the geological theory fades and recedes into comparative oblivion. (Alexander Campbell, Familiar Lectures on the Pentateuch, p. 69.)
This booklet is informative reading that every adult, parent, student should read. It is affordable so multiple copies could be purchased to share with others who need to know this vital information.

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