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Fortify Your Faith, Wayne Jackson

Fortify Your Faith, Wayne Jackson

On the title page is a fuller title for this continually relevant work by Wayne Jackson, “Fortify Your Faith…In an age of doubt.” In the days when Jesus walked the earth, there were at least three responses to Him. First, there were believers who recognized with absolute certainty based on the Scriptures and accompanying signs/proofs performed by Jesus and His disciples that Jesus is the Son of God. Second, were the unbelievers, the ones who in spite of ample evidence refused to accept Jesus truly came from His Father in Heaven. Third was the sort who did not really care to investigate the actual evidence. This is like Pontius Pilate when he pejoratively asked Jesus at his trial “What is truth?” Sadly, today we have too many who ought to be believers but are more like Pilate in that they are not true seekers of the Truth. It is not that there is no evidence. It is not that the evidence is all that difficult to find. It is not that the evidence is inconvenient to weight. No, the primary reason that more are becoming like Pilate is refusal to “…prove all things, hold fast to that which is good.” Notice that this is the challenge the Bible makes…search, prove & know that it is indeed the revelation of God to mankind! Too few are forfeit the challenge and are like Esau selling their birthright for a bowl of pleasures that last for a season.

Do not let this happen to you or your loved ones. There are many excellent sources of evidence for Christianity. Wayne Jackson’s book, Fortify Your Faith, is a brief but powerful presentation of the evidence dealing with the existence of God, the fallacy of evolution, the unholy alliance of forcing evolution into creationism, the meaning of inspiration, and the evidence for the inspiration hence authority of the Scriptures. The material is truly excellent even though the edition I have is 1974. But do not let a book that is over 30 years old cause you to pass it by. It illustrates just how long the evolutionists’ game has been lost by failing to not only prove their case, and their inability to answer how creationism fits more in harmony with true science then their untenable theory. The perpetuation of Darwinian Evolution survives more from ignorance than an objective pursuit of truth.

Here is a question that is found in Fortify Your Faith to consider with your friends. Brother Jackson writes:

Time is measured in various ways. The earth revolves around the sun every 365 days, the year. It is inclined 23.5 degrees on its axis, determining the seasons. The moon revolves around the earth each 30 days, the month. The day is determined by the rotation of the earth on its axis each 24 hours. Thus, the natural movements of the solar system mark the years, seasons, months and days; but what determines the week? (Page 35.)
That sure is a good question for those who seek to force evolution into the Bible via the Day-Age Theory is it not? Brother Jackson proceeds to quote Alexander Campbell who recognized the significance of this fact back in 1859 when Campbell noted in Familiar Lectures on the Pentateuch,
This is a question of great importance [where did the week come from?]—a question that staggers the boldest of infidels, and the most expert of theorists. The subject has developed much ingenious thought, and profound reasoning, but we affirm that nothing on earth or in heaven can be assigned as an argument for the week, aside from the fact that the heavens and the earth were created in six days of twenty-four hours each. (Page 35.)
If you know a person struggling with their faith and want to provide them evidence to help strengthen their faith, then provide them with a copy of Wayne Jackson’s book, Fortify Your Faith. If you can afford to do so, purchase a copy and read it in public places. If someone asks about the content, give him or her the book to read. Who knows what will come of that! (Be sure to include the church address & phone.) It is brief but powerful reading.

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