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God’s Prophetic Word, Foy E. Wallace Jr.

God’s Prophetic Word, Foy E. Wallace Jr.

In 1995, my wife and I were honored to meet brother Wilson Wallace, son of Foy E. Wallace, Jr. We traveled nearly 250 miles to converse with Wilson about his father. I told him how I had spent time at the church building waiting to walk to work (since we had only one car). During one of my stays at the building I leafed through the church library and came across God’s Prophetic Word, which was placed there in the memory of Olive Hill. This interested me since Olive Hill was once my grandfather’s girlfriend. Since I never met neither my grandfather nor Olive Hill, I was interested in this book since it was placed in her honor.

God’s Prophetic Word contains three chapters to the proposition that the Bible is inspired of God, infallible, complete, and prophetic. The book proves there is no hope for the nation of Israel as “God’s chosen people” without Jesus Christ. The author shows conclusively the church/kingdom was established as prophesied and was not postponed. Then the false eschatological view of premillennialism is refuted. The author shows that we cannot know that “Jesus Is Coming Soon” as the premillennialists assert based upon their misapplication of Matthew 24. Foy E. Wallace also supplies material refuting Seventh-Day Adventists and Anglo-Israelism. He concludes with a defense of pioneers who are misrepresented by premillennialists. A final chapter on prophecy proof-texts is extremely valuable. Although the book was put on the market in 1946 and the author went on to his reward on December 18, 1979, the book is still vital. It is indeed a classic. Testimony to the value of this book is further substantiated by the fact that another writer has labored to provide a scriptural index to God’s Prophetic Word.

Wilson Wallace told me that one time when his father was away preaching in a gospel meeting, their house caught on fire. The firemen told his mother, Virgie Wallace, the house would surely be lost. She said if they could only save the contents of the library, it would be all right to let the rest of the house go. They were able to save books which no doubt reached well back into the 1800's. She realized the value of good books and so should we. I do not know who placed God’s Prophetic Word in the library in honor of sister Hill; however, I am very grateful that they did.

Originally printed in West Virginia Christian, Vol. 7, No. 4, April 2000. Reprinted by permission.


Denis Tarko said...

Brother David R. Kenney,

I have not read God's Prophetic Word, but however I have read and studied The Neal/Wallace Debat, which was one of the first books that I read back in 79 or 80, when I first became a christian. I have however read most of his books as well as others from the brotherhood or elsewhere, even those with opposite views, who take the other side, like on the Spirit issue. I feel we need to go back to the good books like Wallace's (not just Wallace, but it is a good start, and anyone who gets these books, has good sound doctrine)

I appreciate your site, in promoting these as well as other good books to read and study.

I have recieved a few years ago, the permission to translate the books of Wallace into the french language, which I consider as an honour to do so.

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God bless you in Jesus name.

Denis Tarko
Province of Québec, Canada.

drkenney said...

If you enjoyed the Neal-Wallace Discussion, then God's Prophetic Word needs to be at the top of your reading list. Every person I have shown my copy of the book to wants to know where they can find their copy to read!

I am glad to know you are working to translate brother Wallace's material in French. I hope his materials remain in print and are read by many.

I appreciate your kind words.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that God's Prophetic word is in my opinion the best book on the OT prophecies. Wallace left no stone unturned in this great volume. Like any subject he put his heart and soul and most importantly his biblical knowledge into it. My dad loved Wallace and his writings and thankfully that was passed down to me. Wallace and Guy Woods were two men whose teaching molded my thinking probably the most as far as earthly teachers are concerned. If you find your self on the opposite side of the issue with these two men you had better rethink your position.