Friday, November 28, 2008

West Virginia Christian on DVD, Albert Farley, Editor

West Virginia Christian on DVD, Albert Farley, Editor

December 2008 marks the completion of a tremendous milestone for Albert Farley and the Salem Church of Christ—fifteen years of publishing The West Virginia Christian. I had the pleasure of visiting with the Farleys and the congregation in Salem this past month. Our daughter Deborah was keeping Mrs. Nancy Farley running a made-to-order kitchen the entire time we were there, and our son James thrilled us all by catching his first rainbow trout (fifteen inches). While Albert was appreciating my assistance in backing up some files for him, I was enjoying spending the time with them and seeing the area where the paper is published from.

Of course, Albert will deflect any credit away from him by saying “the writers make the paper.” While there is some truth to that, it is not the whole truth! The fact of the matter is that there would not be such a paper if it were not for the drive and commitment of Albert Farley! If it were not for Albert encouraging me to write more book recommendations, then I probably would have never written as many as I have. Plus, I could never imagine having a blog that has all the book reviews that is easily assessable as well. I am very thankful for all the good the paper has and will accomplish in years to come.

Jody Apple has provided the means for The West Virginia Christian to be on the Internet at The site includes the main articles from the paper over the most recent years plus all the lectureship books since 2000 in PDF format that are available to download for free. Brother Farley is working on placing the earlier issues of the paper on the web site as well. One can only imagine what could possibly happen with all this material available to anyone with Internet access.

Now, the majority of issues of The West Virginia Christian paper and lectureships are available on a DVD created by Tom Childers of Freed-Hardeman University. This allows a person to see all the issues of the paper including pictures, recipes, advertisements and other tidbits that are not available on the web site. Plus, one can do key word searches on the DVD to bring up all articles on a given subject or word. So one could search all the issues of the paper with the assistance of the computer. This allows greater accessibility to a wealth of information. Brother Childers does a fine work of preserving journals and books on multimedia that will serve the brotherhood in years to come. (See the advertisement in the paper for details how to order the DVD.)

One final note about the paper…additional subscribers are needed. Not so much so the work of the paper can continue, but more people need to be reading better things! There are fine writers in each issue of the paper writing on a variety of topics. Plus the news & notes are always enjoyable reading. Not that I enjoy reading them, but I do profit from the recipes that are in the paper as well. Please consider subscribing to this paper and encouraging others to do so as well.

Again, congratulations to all those who have had part in The West Virginia Christian.

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