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Rightly Dividing The Word: Volume 1-General Hermeneutics, Terry Hightower, Editor

Rightly Dividing The Word: Volume 1-General Hermeneutics, Terry Hightower, Editor

This book contains some of the most important information needed by every elder, preacher, and Christian: how to rightly divide the word of God and ascertain Bible authority. The study of Hermeneutics is the study of interpreting the Scriptures and their applications to us.

There are all types of unsound voices out there saying such things as “The Bible is not a pattern for us to follow,” “We cannot understand the Bible,” “There are no absolutes, we cannot know anything for certain,” “Drawing logical conclusions based on Scriptures is not right,” and “The Scriptures do not say we cannot do such and such.” Each of these views is false. This volume will help a Christian to answer all these false concepts and many more criticisms of proof-text preaching and teaching (citing Scriptures for application). In my opinion, a preacher that does not preach book, chapter, verse is not a preacher but an entertainer. The role of a preacher is to be a herald of the gospel. One cannot proclaim the gospel without using the Bible.

This book addresses such themes as: insufficient standards of authority, knowledge of the Truth can be obtained, logic and the Bible are complimentary not contradictory, how to determine Bible authority, how to choose a good translation, pattern theology, the importance of studying a verse in its immediate context, how cults and denominations mishandle the Scriptures, and the silence of the Scriptures is NOT permissive. The book consists of a series of lectures given at the Shenandoah church of Christ and supplemental articles written by some of the most knowledgeable men among us today including Thomas Warren, Perry Cotham, Dave Miller, Wayne Jackson, Alan Highers, Goebel Music, Roy Deaver, and Garland Elkins.

Studying this book will be very profitable to all whether you have small amount of knowledge in the field of Hermeneutics or a mature knowledge of the subject matter. Please take the time and study this book!

Originally printed in West Virginia Christian, Vol. 8, No. 2, February 2001, p. 6. Reprinted by permission.


Cesar Tabora said...

My brother in Christ Kenney:
Where Can I find the Vol II of the Book : ¨Rightly Dividing the Word¨? ´cause I only have the Vol I, is still this one in print in book format?
Thanks for your help.
God bless

drkenney said...

See my post on how to find books. That is where I would start.