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Evolution in the Light of Scripture, Science and Sense, Basil Overton

Evolution in the Light of Scripture, Science and Sense, Basil Overton

Organic Evolution is a great evil and falsehood being passed on as truth in our schools. The impact of this godless system has contributed to the great evil mankind has inflicted on their fellow man. For example, abortion, euthanasia, and attempts at human cloning have been accepted largely because we have reduced mankind from created in God’s image to that of the animals with organic evolution. Tragically, our school systems teach the theory of organic evolution as fact while they cannot teach Biblical Creationism (whether it is treated as fact or a theory). If we do not teach our young people the truth about the creation of the world and the fallacy of evolution, then who will? The evidence for Biblical creationism is abundant and actually requires less blind faith then evolution.

Some are intimidated to teach this subject to young people because they do not consider themselves scientists. This is sad because it discounts the fact that the best scientists in the world reject organic evolution. The silence of the churches will speak volumes to young people who will mistake our timidity on the subject as a lack of scientific evidence for creationism. Or as brother Basil stated the matter:

Many of our young people are slipping away from us, not because we do not have the truth, but because we are allowing the enemy to do a better job of teaching them than we are doing. This is a disgrace to us, and it is a tremendous loss to the Lord and his kingdom. So we must teach and teach and teach and ground our children and young people in facts and truths based on the scripture. (p. viii.)

Brother Basil Overton has produced a very profitable book that I wish all congregations would spend at least a quarter of Bible Study to study. It is divided into twelve chapters and includes discussion questions at the conclusion of each chapter. It discusses the fact that it is easy and reasonable to believe that God exists. There is scientific evidence that the earth is young. He cites numerous examples that demonstrate the fallacies of organic evolution. He also deals with another key point—one cannot believe both the Bible and Evolution. The term “theistic evolution” refers to the false concept that God used organic evolution to create the world. It tries to claim that both evolution and the Bible are in harmony with one another. There is no middle ground between evolution and the Bible, and true science supports the Bible.

Studying this book will equip one to teach young people that there is an abundance of evidence for Biblical creationism. It will equip our young people with the truth in front of so-called scientists who try to deny the existence of God and affirm the godless theory of evolution. This work exposes the fallacies of tenets of evolution that makes one wonder how anyone could accept the theory of evolution. Some of the fallacies of evolution are indeed humorous when one applies sense to the matter. Hopefully some day our country will silence the efforts of organizations such as the ACLU in its removal of God from our public schools. They are not only removing God from the schools, but they are removing truth (John 17:17). If we are not willing to equip ourselves to the task of eliminating organic evolution and upholding biblical creationism, then who will? It is a war for the souls of our children, and it is time for soldiers of Christ to arise and protect our children and defend the faith.

Originally printed in West Virginia Christian, Vol. 9, No. 6, June 2002, p. 8. Reprinted by permission.

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